Angel at a 25 Degree Angle (2000)
A Lungful of Absence (2012)
A Pretend Conversation with No One (2011)
Celesteville’s Burning (2011)
The Clockodial (2000)
Dr Martens’ Bouncing Souls (2009)
The Empty Armchair (2012)
Enough Ribena to Incarnadine the Multitudinous Seas (2000)
Fifty Shades Of Grey Matter (2013)
Follow (2012)
Forty Tiddly Winks (2002)
Half-Hearted Confessions of a Gelignite Dolly-Bird (2006)
Hegemummy (2012)
The Impotence of Being Ernest (2012)
Macron Death Party (2019)
The Man Without Quality Streets (2012)
Ms Ramsay’s Secret Screening Process (2004)
Never Trust a White Man with Dreadlocks (2011)
On Mooning Considered as One of the Fine Arts (2020)
The Pedestrian Poet of the Left Bank (2000)
Petit Guignol (2008)
Pictures of the Eiffel Tower Under Deconstruction (2012)
Preliminary Notes Towards a Theory of the Impossibility of Love (2012)
The Quantum Indeterminacy of Women (2012)
Square One (2012)
Sweet Fanny Adams (1999/2003)
Those Who Are Robbed… (2011)
Thirty Two Feet Per Second (2001)
Unfollow (2012)
Words for Lost (2012)

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