A Bad Copy
Abandoned Novels
Abandoning Art
A Beautiful Fuck You to Reality
A Betrayal of All Perfection
A Book of Absolute Whiteness
A Cathedral Full of Fire
A Ceaseless Threnody
A Clean and Unmarked Sheet of Whatman Paper
A Fallen Book of Prophecy
A Fictional Farewell to Literature
A Flighty Mind Might Be Going Somewhere
A Garden Shed
A Grin Without a Cat
A Kind of Other-ing
A Man’s Reach Should Exceed His Grasp
A Monument to Obscure and Inhuman Forces
A Non-Writing Writer
A Normal Novel
A Poem Should Not Mean
A Preparation for Something that Never Happens
A Reader’s Guide to the Unwritten
A Scissors and Paste Man
A Space Devoid of Speech
A Successful Fragment
A Supplementary Work
A Thing in the World
Abrasions Upon the Text
Accomplishing the Inconclusive
Additive Subtractions, Or the Impossibility of Erasure
After Literature
Aiming for Perfection
All Literature is But a Poor Translation
All the Things we Failed to Do
All Things Resist Being Written Down
All Writing is Conceptual
Allow the Words to Wash Around You
Almost a Negative Theology
Almost Untranslatable
An Attempt at Exhausting Negation
An Englishman Without Qualities
An Excess of Language
An Expectation of Thought
An Extraordinary Daydreamer
And to Sum Myself in It
And You Paint Another
Anything For a Quiet Death
Art is the Gap
The Art of Failure
The Art of Omission
Art Taken to Its Most Extreme Consequence
Art That Seems to Want to Be Destroyed
Art’s Dirty Secret
Arthur Cravan Podcast
As a Child Might Pee Against a Tree
Auto-Destructive Art
Avoid Thinking Like a Writer
Barthes’s Fantasy-of-the-Novel
Beautiful Failure
Becoming & Unbecoming
Before the ‘Beginning Was the Word’
The Being That is Lacking to Itself
Black with Everything
Blank Art
Blank Mallarmé
Blank Score
The Blank Space At the End
The Blanks Have All Been Filled
Blemish-Free Counterparts
The Blueprint
Bodies in Space
The Book-Beyond-The-Book
Book of Blank Maps
The Book Next to It
The Book That Can’t Wait
The Book That Destroys Itself
Book That Destroys Itself While Being Read
The Book You Get
Books That Would Prefer Not To
Books which are Said to Fail
Broken Books
The Bugles of Silence
Burn Baby Burn
But They Aren’t Writing Anything At All!
But With What Kinds of Words?
Can Artists Create Art By Doing Nothing?
Casting a Glance
Chaotic with Corrections
Claiming Her Back
Close to Godliness
Collaborating with the Flow of Time
Concrete Expression As Decadence
Continued Build-Up
Creating Silences Around Things
Cubic Bulk
Cultural Osmosis
Dark Matters
Dead Time
The Death of Thought
Death Mask
Decreative Writing
Deep Inside the Moment
Delicately Broached Negation
The Demon of Possibility
Designed for Incompletion
The Desire-to-Write
Destruction Was My Beatrice
Detour As Straight Line
The Devil’s Job
Devouring the World
The Direct Gaze Upon the World
Disappear Here
Disappearing Into That Nothingness
Disturbing the Silence of Heaven
Does It Mean Stopping Writing?
Doing What it Can’t Say
Don’t Just Do Something: Sit There
Drifting Away on the Wind
The Echo of Poetic Possibility
Eliminating Possibilities

Entering Silence
Erasing the Idea
Essential Solitude
Evanesce Into Pure Gesture
Even Then, So Little
Every Sentence a First Sentence
Except What is Invisible
Existence as Exile
Existing on Sunday
Expenditure for Nothing
The Experience of Nothing
Exploring the Space Left by my Subtraction
Failing With Total Dedication
Failure is What Writers Do
Failure to be Equal to the Possibilities
Faint But Not Undecipherable
Faulkner and Failure
Far Beyond All Hope of Achievement
Finding a Language in which Making Art is Possible At All
Fiction Fatigue
The Fiction of Fiction
The Flaming Nipples
For a Book to Exist…
Forever Not Now
Forever On the Verge of Orgasm
Fragments of the Lost Library
Fragments Just Above the Nothingness Replacing Them
Fuck Omiscience!
Future Anterior
Gazing Into Nullity
The Ghost Book
Ghostly Mutterings in Galleries
The Ghosts of Unchosen Words
Girlfriend in a Comma
The God Who is Not
The Gravest of Misconceptions
The Graveyard of Abandoned Projects
The Great Internal Rumination
The Great Poets of Silence
The Grief is Alive
Hanging Empty
Haunted Memories
Hollowed Out Letters
Horreur Vacui
Illegible Writing
Imaginary Work
The Imminence of a Revelation That Does Not Occur
Imperfect Copy
The Importance of Retelling
Impossible Literature
The Impossibilty of Narrating the Event
The Impossibility of Total Destruction
The Impossibility of Writing The Book
The Impossible Novel
Impossible to Describe
Impossible Words About Words
In a Kind of Foreign Language
In Silence
In the Void Room
In Utero Nostalgia
Inalienable Silence
Inevitable Failure
The Infinitely Possible
The Influence of Unread Books
Ink Polluting Paper
Inks of Dryness on Walls of Damp
Ink So Dense It’s Mute, Or the Purest Form of Literature
The Innocent Novel is Now Impossible
Inside is Perfect
The Instinct is to Kill It
Into the Zone
The Invisible Book
Invisible Things
It Can At Least Be Destroyed
It Does Not Quite
It Is Doing Nothing
Keatsian Music
The Land of Is-Itself
The Language of the Desert
La page tellement blanche
Lessons in Unlearning
Letting Speak
Letting Words Fail
L’événement qui sort du langage
Libraries of Unpublished & Unwritten Books
Like a Lighthouse
Like the Word on the Tip of Your Tongue
Like Three Lines Left
Liquid Paper
Literary Silences
The Literature of the Unword
Living Poetry
Living Things
Livre blanc
Locus of a Secret
The Logoclast’s League
The Loss of a Loss
The Magic of Fragments
The Magnificent Mystery of Everything
Making It Less
The Materiality of Language
Melancholia as Ultimate Rebellion
Mourning the Lost Modernist Energies
Mute Mermaids
Mute Musewise
My Favourite Key is the One that Deletes
My Reach Always Exceeds My Grasp
My Virtual Novel Was Worth More Than My Actual Novel
Negating Everything That Causes Us to be Dead While Alive
The Never Before
Never Yet Was Put Into Words Or Books
The Next Step
No Eye is Uncontaminated
No Longer an Author
Not a Plain Is
Not Even a Single Line
Not Knowing How to Write
The Not-Oyster Bit
Not Really Prepared for Anything
Not to Smear the World With Sentences
Notes on Imaginary Books
Nothing But Digressions
Nothing Happens
The Nothingness Lying Behind It
Nowhere Else To Go
Nudisme Redux
Object in the World
Obliterating Texts
The Obstacle is the Path
On the Edge of Self-Erasure
Only an Imitation of the Ideal
Only Footnotes
The Only Problem is I Haven’t Done the Work
The Other Novel
The Outside
Painting My Own Departure
The Paper Bag of My Solipsism
The Passage Which We Did Not Take
The Pathos of Things
People Who Can’t Begin
Perpetually Entering ‘Whale’ Into a Search Engine
The Person Who Wrote the Story
The Picture Played in My Head
The Pleasures of Unintelligibilty
Possessing Nothing
Possibility Never
Posthumous Literature
Potential for Disorder
Potential Literature
The Preparation of These Beauties
Present Absence
Prior Presence
The Project
The Project Itself is Enjoyment Enough
The Quest for Totality
Reach Into Silence
Records of Disappearances
Redactive Poetry Project
The Resting of a God
Rubbed Out By Sundown
Ruins in Reverse
The Ruins of Books
Saying No to the World
Saying Nothing Or Preferring One
Secondhand Avant Garde
See Particulars Being Various
A Serious Book
Shapeless Nonsensical Things
She Was
She Was the Poem
The Silence of a Gap Between Two Paragraphs
The Silent Call of Conscience
Simmering in the Elastic Gloom
Slow-Cooked Books: The Virtues of Writing Slowly
Slowly Reduced to Embers
The Smoke-Ghosts of Art
So Many Ordinary Sentences
Something Else Emerges
The Sound He Hears Within
The Sound of Thinking
The Space Between the Notes
Splendid Failure
Stepping Out of the Story
Stories of Disintegration
Strategies of Copying and Appropriation
Surrendering to the Unknown Route
Ten Memorable Books That Never Existed
That Few Seconds of Silence on the Tape
That Something Itself
That’s Why We Have Art
The Terror of Existence
There Are Many Silences
There is No Rabbit
The Thing Itself
Things Not Said, Actions Not Done
This Book is My Cowardice
This End is More Important Than the Other
This Mute Presence Beyond Meaning
This Obsessional Looking at the Human
This Terrible Glare
The Time of its Being Furthered
Time’s Up! Silence!
The Tip of the Bull’s Horn
To Leave All Out
To Myself Become an Enemy
To Remember That We Miss It
To Speak Without Saying Anything
To Suspend Even Further
To Withdraw Myself
To Write is to Fail
To Write the Thing That is to be Written
To Write Without “Writing”
Too Much of a Writer to Even Begin to Write
Total Diary
The Translation of a Text Already Within Us
Translation As Paradigm of All Writing
Trapped But Not Confined
Trivialities of Text
The Trouble with Fiction
Trying to Extract Beauty From Not Being Able to Extract Beauty
Turning Its Own Tables
Unaltered Perception
Un Autre possible du même livre
The Uncontainable
Uncut Pages
Unexpected Landscapes
Unexpressing the Expressible
Unfinished Symphonies
Un livre sur rien
Unopened Book
The Unread and the Unreadable
Unsaid Words Resonating At the Edge of the Poem
Unspeakable Trajectory
Vague Foreshadowing of a Yet Unwritten Book
Very, Very Quiet
The Voice of an Absent Person
Wanting What is Wanting
Was the Writing
Watching On Mute

We Already See So Much
We Are All Bartlebys
We Don’t Particularly Matter
What He Cannot Write
What Isn’t Finished
What Is Not in the Dictionary
What Must the Stones Think of Us?
What Stops Them Becoming a Story
What We Can’t Articulate
What We Could Play
What Writing Fails to Do
Whatever is Lurking Beyond Thought
Whatever Prevents You From Doing Your Work
When All Falls in Ruin
Where Are All the Words?
Where Words Are Scarce
Where Words Can’t Help
White Ink
The White Noise No Writing Can Store
Will Ashon’s Beautiful Impossibilities
With My Back to the World
The Withheld Work of Art
Without Opening a Book
Without Taking the Easy Way Out
Without the Blank Page
Without the Book Before You
(Wo)men Without Qualities
Woolf’s Dumb Dummy Copy
Words That Go Silent in Transit
Works Not Brought Into Being
Works Which Are Nothing But Their Own Project
Worse Still
The Wreck of a Perfect Idea
The Writer Who Willed Herself Into Oblivion
Writing a Story is Destructive
Writing as a Form of Displacement
Writing as Postponement
Writing Itself
Writing/Not Writing
Writing to a Rhythm
Written Asunder
Yet Another Failed Novel
You Will Fail
Zombie Art Form
Zombie Novels and Undead Art

Auto-Destructive Art
Blank Art
Les BonBons

The Disintegration Loops
The Fascination of Phantom Bands
The Flowers of Romance
Hard to Love
Invisible Tradition
It’s What You’re Not Playing
King Mob
Leaving Things Out
The Moors Murderers
No Language
The Rainbow Coloured Green Beans
Rumour Bands and Tease Gigs
The Screamers
Sex Pistols
Shadow-Boxing with Phantoms
The Slits
Unheard Melodies

Theodor Adorno
Viv Albertine
Neil Armstrong
Gaston Bachelard
J.G. Ballard
J.G. Ballard
Andrea Barrett
J.M. Barrie
Donald Barthelme
Donald Barthelme
Roland Barthes
Greg Baxter
Samuel Beckett
Walter Benjamin
Claire-Louise Bennett
Claire-Louise Bennett
Claire-Louise Bennett
John Berger
John Berger
David Bezmozgis
Maurice Blanchot
Roberto Bolaño
Christine Brooke-Rose
Anne Carson
Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Wilkie Collins
Steven Connor
Arthur Cravan
Simon Critchley
Rachel Cusk
Rachel Cusk
Rachel Cusk
Rachel Cusk
Brian Dillon
Brian Dillon
Jenny Diski
Jenny Diski
Naoise Dolan
Rob Doyle
Geoff Dyer
Geoff Dyer
Geoff Dyer
Geoff Dyer
Terry Eagleton
Terry Eagleton
Annie Ernaux
Mark Fisher
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Sigmund Freud
William Gass
William Gass
William Gass
Nicci Gerrard
Witold Gombrowicz
Henry Green
Lavinia Greenlaw
Lavinia Greenlaw
James Greer
Ernest Hemingway
Christopher Hitchens
Joanna Hogg
Noy Holland
Lars Iyer
Pierre-Jean Jouve
James Joyce
James Joyce
Franz Kafka
Luke Kennard
László Krasznahorkai
László Krasznahorkai
Karl Ove Knausgaard
Karl Ove Knausgaard
Karl Ove Knausgaard
Karl Ove Knausgaard
Milan Kundera
Hanif Kureishi
Rachel Kushner
Catherine Lacey
Olivia Laing
D. H. Lawrence
Ben Lerner
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
Gordon Lish
Gordon Lish
Clarice Lispector
Malcolm Lowry
Mina Loy
Bobbi Lurie
Stéphane Mallarmé
Agustín Fernández Mallo
Thomas Mann
Peter Markus
Peter Markus
Tom McCarthy
James Meek
A. A. Milne
Vladimir Nabokov
Ian Nairn
Jean-Luc Nancy
Sam Lipsyte
Dylan Nice
Max Porter
Marcel Proust
Laure Prouvost
Arthur Ransome
Rainer Maria Rilke
Alain Robbe-Grillet
Alain Robbe-Grillet
Nicholas Rombes
Nicholas Rombes
Nicholas Rombes
Vasily Rozanov
Mary Ruefle
John Ruskin
Jean-Jacques Schuhl
Will Self
William Shakespeare
David Shields
Bruno Shulz
Rebecca Solnit
Susan Sontag
Susan Sontag
Robert Louis Stevenson
Jean-Philippe Toussaint
David Foster Wallace
Joanna Walsh
Joanna Walsh
Joanna Walsh
Virginia Woolf