Review of Deborah Levy’s August Blue (13 May 2023)
How Modern Artists Caught the Doodle Bug (18 April 2023)
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Review of Chris Power’s A Lonely Man and Jenn Ashworth’s Ghosted: A Love Story (23 August 2021)
Review of Joshua Cohen’s The Netanyahus (5 June 2021)
Review of Sam Mills’s Chauvo-Feminism: On Sex, Power and #MeToo (27 February 2021)
Review of Max Porter’s The Death of Francis Bacon (9 January 2021)
Review of Heidi James’s The Sound Mirror (4 September 2020)
Marc Zermati: Farewell to the ‘Hippest Man in Paris’ (17 June 2020)
Review of Anna Vaught’s Saving Lucia (9 May 2020)
Review of Kathryn Scanlan’s The Dominant Animal (25 April 2020)
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Review of Tim Etchells’ Endland (28 December 2019)
Review of Benjamin Moser’s Sontag: Her Life (5 October 2019)
Review of Kevin Breathnach’s Tunnel Vision (27 May 2019)
Review of Isabella Hammad’s The Parisian (27 April 2019)
Review of Ann Quin’s Berg (9 March 2019)
Review of Tracey Thorn’s Another Planet: A Teenager in Suburbia (9 February 2019)
Review of Joyce Carol Oates’s Hazards of Time Travel (22 December 2018)
Review of Jonathan Franzen’s The End of the End of the Earth (8 December 2018)
Review of Owen Booth’s What We’re Teaching Our Children (December 2018)
Review of Steven Connor’s Dream Machines (12 October 2018)
Review of C.D. Rose’s Who’s Who When Everyone is Someone Else (1 September 2018)
Review of Paul Gorman’s The Story of “The Face”: The Magazine That Changed Culture (24 August 2018)
Review of Deborah Levy’s The Cost of Living (7 April 2018)
Review of Russell Persson’s The Way of Florida (7 March 2018)
Review of Ann Quin’s The Unmapped Country: Stories and Fragments (13 January 2018)
Review of Damon Young’s The Art of Reading (30 December 2017)
Translation of Octave Debary’s “Trash, Or Tainted Culture” in Swaantje Güntzel’s Hidden By the Surface (catalogue released late 2017)
Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night (book released late October 2017)
Review of Joanna Walsh’s Worlds from the Word’s End (16 September 2017)
A Zen Guide to Paris (27 July-2 August 2017)
Review of Tiphaine Samoyault’s Barthes: A Biography (June 2017)
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Review of Laurent Binet’s The 7th Function of Language (13-14 May 2017)
Review of Zygmunt Bauman’s Retrotopia (13 May 2017)
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The French Are Right to Protect their Language… (31 May-6 June 2013)
The French Protect Their Language Like the British Protect Their Currency (23 May 2013)
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La Rentrée Littéraire Redux (9 October 2012)
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Whatever Happened to 3:AM Magazine? (10 July 2012)
La influencia de la ansiedad (June 2012)
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The Death of Literature (10 January 2012)
From Jonnie Marbles to the Yippies: A History of Pie Activism (20 July 2011)
The Man Who Stopped Writing (11 July 2011)
Hauntology: A Not-So-New Critical Manifestation (17 June 2011)
Marc-Edouard Nabe: The ‘Unacceptable’ Face of French Controversy (23 March 2011)
Céline: Great Author and ‘Absolute Bastard’ (31 January 2011)
It’s All Greek (September 2010)
C By Tom McCarthy (September 2010)
The Young Parisians (July 2010)
In Theory: Towards a New Novel (13 May 2010)
In Theory: Mimetic Desire (8 February 2010)
In Theory: The Death of the Author (13 January 2010)
Remembering Jacno: France’s First Punk (December 2009)
One Thousand Cranes Can’t Be Wrong (December 2009)
One Thousand Cranes Can Be Wrong (November 2009)
Only Disconnect (13 November 2009)
Colossal Youth (November 2009)
Colossal Youth (abridged version) (13 November 2009)
Nothing At All (September 2009)
The Future is Going to Be Boring (July 2009)
The Importance of Doing Nothing (July 2009)
We Are All Necronauts (July 2009)
Unheard Melodies (June 2009)
Can Artists Create Art By Doing Nothing? (1 June 2009)
The Socialite Manifesto (April 2009)
Why a 17th-Century Novel is a Hot Political Issue in France (31 March 2009)
The Resurrection of Guy Debord (18 March 2009)
Tom McCarthy & The Modern Lovers of Debris (March 2009)
Degeneration X (December 2008)
Fresh Out of Dope (21 November 2008)
Is E-literature Just One Big Anti-Climax? (September 2008)
The New Wave of French Urban Writing (September 2008)
Young Writers Les Décalés Are Upsetting the French Literary Establishment (September 2008)
Albert Cossery’s Last Siesta in Paris (16 July 2008)
Albert Cossery Loved Men God Forgot (8 July 2008)
Spam Lit: The Silver Lining of Junk Mail? (1 July 2008)
I’ll Be Your Mirror: Andy Warhol’s Writing Degree (Less Than) Zero (24 May 2008)
France’s Pre-Banksy Art Provocateurs (14 May 2008)
Jeunes Gens Modernes in Paris (24 April 2008)
Sexy Eiffel Towers (April 2008)
Andy Warhol, Serious Writer (2 April 2008)
A Reader’s Guide to the Unwritten (26 February 2008)
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Living Poetry (25 September 2007)
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On Joey Kowalski (September 2007)
On My Idea of Fun (September 2007)
On Notable American Women (September 2007)
Join the Slow Writing Movement! (August 2007)
Slow-Cooked Books: The Virtues Of Writing Slowly (3 July 2007)
Rebel With a Literary Cause (2 May 2007)
Reverse Striptease (July 2006)
Mad Anatomy (2003)
AIDS in French Culture (2002)
Custard Pie in the Sky (April 2000)
Et in Suburbia Ego: Hanif Kureishi’s Semi-Detached Storeys (1997)
Pour une littérature irréfutable: Joe Orton et De la tête aux pieds (May 1995)


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