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Here’s all the news since I started the Andrew Gallix site in February 2007:

22 October 2007
Lee Rourke: “My collection of short stories would not be the book it ostensibly is without the editorial guidance and expertise of Andrew Gallix who painstakingly edited the manuscript”.


October 2007
I’m quoted in an article (“Tell It Like It Is: The Offbeats” by Sarah Fakray) in the November issue of Dazed & Confused:

“…3:AM Magazine‘s Andrew Gallix has just finished putting together an anthology of key Offbeat writers’ short stories. ‘The movement is about to go overground,’ he explains. ‘The literary equivalent of the 1976 punk festival at the 100 Club.'”


September 2007
Am mentioned by Lee Rourke in an interview with Susan Tomaselli published in dogmatika:

“I sent Heidi the manuscript for Everyday some time ago now. I didn’t think she’d like it at first. But she did. She passed it straight away to Andrew Gallix to edit and write the introduction. …The ‘Offbeat Generation’ tag was invented by Andrew Gallix, Editor-in-Chief at 3:AM Magazine and author of many surreal, tightly composed short stories. …Like many of the writers who have been labelled, or label themselves ‘Offbeat’, such as: Tom McCarthy, Stewart Home, Andrew Gallix, Travis Jeppesen, Heidi James, Matthew Coleman and Tony O’Neill et al., I very much stand alone.”


25 September 2007
“Living Poetry” appeared in the Guardian Books Blog.


21 September 2007
A picture of mine appears in Schmap New Orleans.


15 September 2007
My interview with George Berger is published in 3:AM Magazine.
The Little Black Book: Books (Cassell Illustrated), to which I have contributed, is also published today.


September 2007
I am interviewed in the first issue of The Great Small Fishes (September-November 2007).


7 August 2007
Tom Bradley publishes an article about my fiction, entitled “Surplus Will”, in nthposition.


August 2007
“Join the Slow Writing Movement” published in Shrug Magazine (August 2007)


July 2007
A picture I took of Four Queens Hotel Casino appears in the third edition of Schmap Las Vegas.

2 July 2007
“Slow-Cooked Books: The Virtues of Writing Slowly” posted on the Guardian Books Blog.


May 2007
“Half-Hearted Confessions of a Gelignite Dolly-Bird” published in issue 3 of BLATT.


2 May 2007
A segment of RTE’s arts show The View was devoted today to Tom McCarthy’s Remainder. The author read from his novel which was then discussed by the members of a panel. The discussion began with Bisi Adigun quoting from my review of the book for 3:AM (which featured on the jacket of the hardback American edition): “I would start by quoting what 3:AM Magazine says. It says, it is ‘a masterpiece waiting to happen — again and again and again.'”


2 May 2007
“Dark Young Things” (published under the title “Rebel With a Literary Cause”) was posted on the Guardian Books Blog.


3 March 2007
“Forty Tiddly Winks” published in issue 45 of Scarecrow.


12 February 2007
Am mentioned in Sam Jordison’s “Surfing the New Literary Wave”, Guardian Books Blog, 12 February 2007


7 February 2007
Sam Jordison has published an article about the Offbeat Generation in The Guardian in which I am mentioned:

Sam Jordison, “Literature For the MySpace Generation,” The Guardian, Wednesday 7 February 2007


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