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I’ve just noticed that Leora Skolkin-Smith has appended a really nice comment to one of my stories. It was posted on 26 September 2007:

“This was a fascinating work. So many lines alone struck out at me.
But this was central for me pulling me into a whole,

‘For a few split nanoseconds, another train pulling into the station tricks you into believing that your train is pulling out.

Adam Horton — 33, caucasian, 5’6″, underendowed, thinning on top — viewed this sensation as a perfect metaphor of his stumbling through life like a sleepwalker on a treadmill, a pet hamster on a wheel, or a commuter on the Circle Line. Hence the choice of a railway station over any other point of departure. But which one?’

I think there is a beautiful sorrow in it, mixing with gritty lust and sudden unexpected phrases like ‘At this juncture — when you are about to abandon wife and children, sail the seven seas or commit genocide because men cannot help acting on impulse —’.”

Thanks, that made my day.

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