Redactive Poetry Project

Dennis Johnson, “Redactive Poetry Probably Legal, Say Experts,” MobyLives 19 March 2010:

Inspired by a poetic method called “erasure” — “where the poet erases portions of newsprint or blots out text from a novel, using the remaining words to create a different narrative than the original journalist or author’s intention” — a group of students in an intellectual property law class at New York University have launched the Redactive Poetry Project.

Parker Higgins, Amanda Levendowski, and Nick Panama say the aim of the project is to imitate the physical aspect of erasure poetry by having a website that “functions digitally by enabling users to redact portions of text from any webpage on the internet using our RePoMan bookmarklet to create a new poetic work.” That is, the site offers a nifty button that you can add to your bookmarks bar, then simply clicking on it at other websites allows you to “redact” or black-out parts of the text on that website. Redactive poets are then encouraged to take a screen shot of the result and send it to the website, where Higgins, Levendowski and Panama have been posting submissions since earlier this month. …