Fragments of the Lost Library

Chris Petit, “Fragments of the Lost Library,” Museum of Loneliness website 2013

The Answer to Life is No by Anonymous (1960, Rupert Hart-Davis)

Blaming by Elizabeth Taylor (1976, Chatto and Windus)

Negative Space by Manny Farner (1971, Studio Vista)

A Voyage in Vain by Alethea Hayter (1973, Faber)

Nothing by Henry Green (1950, Viking Press)

Exquisite Pain by Sophie Calle (2005, Thames and Hudson)

Let me Alone by Anna Kavan (1974, Peter Owen)

The Greater Infortune by Rayner Heppenstall; dedicated to Muriel Spark (1960, Peter Owen)

The Secret of Evil by Roberto BolaƱo (2012, New Directions)

A Sense of Guilt by Georges Simenon (1955, Hamish Hamilton)