A Lungful of Absence

Litweeturefest is a literature festival on Twitter, curated by writer and lecturer Heidi James, in conjunction with Kingston University Writing School. It runs throughout July 2012, and features microfiction or poems of no more than 140 characters. Each entry is followed by a second tweet containing the author’s biography.

My little contribution was tweeted on 12 July. It is a fragment of “Celesteville’s Burning” that I edited to fit the format. I dedicate it to the Emilie I once knew.

A Lungful of Absence
He breathed in a lungful of her absence and just stood there. He just stood there, caught in her slipstream. Winded, he just stood there.

Andrew Gallix writes fiction, edits 3:AM Magazine and teaches at the Sorbonne. He divides his time between Scylla and Charybdis.