Another Pint and Molotov Cocktail

My 2007 interview with George Berger appears in Let’s Submerge: Tales From the Punk Rock Underground (released on 26 November 2013). I get a lovely mention in the Introduction: “This is a collection of other writings, particularly columns I wrote for the excellent at the bequest of its equally excellent editor Andrew Gallix. Their slogan ‘whatever it is, we’re against it’ neatly steals a great attitude from Groucho Marx”. I’m also mentioned at the beginning of the interview with Penny Rimbaud: “I interviewed Penny for Abisti, my online magazine in 1999. It was as a result of reading this interview that Andrew Gallix got in touch with me and invited me to write for 3:AM Magazine. Penny Rimbaud remains the most fascinating interviewee you could possible hope to spend time with”. Here’s a picture I took of George Berger at Waterloo Station in April 2006: