Paul Gorman, “What We Wore: An Intelligent and Egalitarian Celebration of Our Collective Visual Invention,” Paul Gorman Is 30 October 2014

Paul Gorman has posted several pictures of Nina Manandhar’s What We Wore: A People’s History of British Style on his website. I appear in this one, across the page from Tracey Emin:

Leaving the 20th Century

“What We Wore by” by Jesse Barron, i-D Magazine 2O December 2013


What We Wore by Nina Manandhar

From the Clapham Soul Heads and the Anarcho Punks in Dreamland to the Spliffy-Chicks and Teenage Shoegazers, British subculture and street style from 1950 to 2010 has been one of the most thriving, varied and crazy anywhere in the world. In What We Wore, photographer Nina Manandhar invited fashion, music and art stars including Dizzee Rascal, Carrie Munden and Alasdair McLellan as well as the general public to submit photos from their youth with explanations of their life and style. The result is an eye-grabbing melange of young twin punks, bleach blonde boys and photo collages of kids in visors and hoodies with ‘WHERE MY DOGS AT???’ cut ‘n’ pasted along the top. Instagram your own with #whatweworeuk or submit at and see the top picks in Autumn 2014 when What We Wore, which will be published by Prestel, will be on shelves.