Paris in American Literatures

I am mentioned in Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera and Vamsi K. Koneru, eds, Paris in American Literatures: On Distance as a Literary Resource, Madison NJ: Fairleigh Dickson University Press, 2013

Page 152: “As Andrew Gallix observes; ‘It seems now that the stories shape the city as much as the coty once shaped the stories’ (Gallix 2010, 1).”

Page 153: “The Paris of the tourist and student imagination drives the repetition and commodification of the pilgrimage; Gallix’s assertion here about the development of Paris in the collective imagination is somewhat misleading — the stories, like the screenplays and the somewhat limited study-abroad impressions, shape the impression of the city for the foreigner.”

What is also somewhat misleading is the fact that both the quote and the article in which it appears are by Anthony Cuthbertson!