Britain At Its Finest

Will Coldwell, “Throwback Thursday: On Holiday in the 1980s – In Pictures,” The Guardian 3 April 2014

Caption: A photo that captures Britain at its finest: “That’s my stepdad rocking the sandals-and-socks combo,” says the reader who submitted it. “I’m wearing a Royal Wedding T-shirt showing Charles and Diana in punk attire.” Photograph: gallix/GuardianWitness

This is a picture of me (right) and Allen taken by my mum in Jersey, July 1981. When it featured on the Guardian‘s home page, they added a “How to wear socks with sandals” fashion piece just above!

All the Latest

Have just noticed that this picture of me and my stepdad — taken by my mum, in Jersey, back in July 1981 — had been posted on the ISYS (I Saw You Standing) tumblr (This is Me Then, 1 November 2011). He’s rocking the classic socks-and-sandals combo; I’m sporting a punk Charles and Diana T-shirt to “celebrate” the Royal wedding (purchased at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street).